Sports Ratings

The following sports are listed roughly in "blog order", i.e., more recent seasons are higher. Where data sources are indicated, it is possible that I am not using those sources exclusively, and/or that I have misparsed their data; data errors are not necessarily their fault. Do as you wish with these numbers — I don't gamble on sports, I wouldn't trust these numbers if I did, and I won't accept responsibility for anything you do.

Yahoo-based data is probably missing some neutral-site designators. College football may be missing some overtime data. I don't QA my data much.

If you're interested, Dave Wilson has a nice collection of links. I have a few comments, including a simple transformation for getting point spreads. If you're a "log 5" fan, you can convert one of my ratings to the probability of beating an average team by subtracting from 50, dividing by 10, raising 10 to that power, adding one, and inverting. So a rating of 50 becomes one half; 60 corresponds to ten elevenths; 55 is one divided by whatever one plus the square root of ten is; etc.

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