Steven Jens - Interests

I don't really have any interests.

Well, I suppose I have a love-hate relationship with politics, having run for the City Council in 2001 and informally volunteered with or advised candidates before and since. I spend a fair amount of my time on politics. Until recently, I was the chairman of the Cambridge Republican City Committee.

I waste a lot of time reading things on the web. Some of my favorites include James Lileks on life in Minnesota (with some politics); Dave Barry's blog and columns; The Corner at right-leaning National Review Online; Albertan libertarian Colby Cosh; and the Volokh Conspiracy, which covers law, politics, and culture.

I played chess once, but recently I don't do much beyond renewing my membership to the USCF and skimming through Chess Life.

A few years ago, I took some classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education, my favorite of which were swing dancing and guitar. I also spent a little time once learning to sail, though I believe I've forgotten what little I knew.

Shortly after I got my car in the Summer of 2000, I took some random road trips, went skydiving and attended the Punkin Chunkin' championships.