Steven Jens - Bio

I was born in Ames, Iowa, and spent twelve of my first seventeen years living in Iowa. The last seven of these years were spent in Ankeny, a city of about 20,000 (at the time), ten miles north of Des Moines.

I left Iowa to attend MIT, where I got a degree in Math with Computer Science and minors in Economics and Mechanical Engineering. I wrote software for USPowerSolutions for three years (to the day) before I was laid off.

I then attempted to shuffle myself over to the finance sector. I studied investment management at BU and passed the first two exams toward the CFA.

I ended up getting another software job, though, for athenahealth, which helps doctors collect on their bills.

I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for 15 years.

Now I'm a PhD student in finance at the Simon Graduate School of Business at the Unversity of Rochester. I am engaged to marry fellow student Candace Miller in May of 2011.