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Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment Autobio of Ben Franklin

More personal information I have includes my resumé.

News Sources I've been known to access include the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The Boston Globe, Rochester D&C The Tech of MIT, The Des Moines Register, .

Columnists I like include Jonah Goldberg (editor-at-large of National Review Online), who also has a syndicated column, George Will, Dave Barry, and sometimes Mark Steyn. I also visit TownHall.com.

Academic econ and finance: ELSA data.gov Ken French Using the General Social Survey interface WRDS globalfinancialdata
Journals: Google Scholar, SSRN arXiv U of R's ejournals JF forthcoming JF -2006 recent JoF JFE RFS -2006 RFS new E'metrica -2007 E'metrica new JPE -2004 recent JPE AER -2007 new AER
For recent research, use the "cited reference search" of the ISI Citation Database to find all articles that cite a given article.
To check the unpublished working paper literature, use the SSRN eLibrary Database Search.

Financial Information sites I visit include The Motley Fool, Morningstar, The Motley Fool, Morningstar, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance

Personal Finance sites include Sallie Mae, Direct Federal Loans, Discover Card, E*Trade, HSBC

A few entertainment related web sites I visit are the US Chess Federation, the Chess Ninja blog, the Simpsons, the Buffy Guide, Rock Paper Scissors, and the home page of Orson Scott Card. There's the Internet Movie Database, and you can find movie times and locations. I met humor writer Horace J. Digby (who has a podcast) through the Robert Benchley Society. There's free sheet music at Mutopia and WIWA (and here's a list of different music editors).

Open Courseware from MIT, Notre Dame, Tufts, Berkeley (webcast), Berkeley (iTunes), and Stanford (iTunes), and Khan. More generally, there's a list of self-education resources.

Computer-related pages I've considered worthwhile include Emacs JDE, an emacs w3-mode, Eclipse tutorial, OpenBook LinuxWorld, Linux International, Red Hat Software, Free Software Foundation, The W3 Consortium, and the XML.org registry. Koders JavaSoft, the Java documentation, Common Lisp Scala scriptaculous SAS R

Blogs I read include Marginal Revolution The Knowledge Problem In the pipeline The Kitchen Cabinet ColbyCosh.com Hit & Run KausFiles The Commons The Corner on National Review Online Instapundit The Volokh Conspiracy Megan McArdle, Ann Althouse, Matthew Yglesias

Commercial sites I use include Amazon.com, Bookpool, RINCo, and 1-800-Flowers.

Among language and culture-related sites are the Yamada Language Center, Human Languages, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Foreign Languages for Travelers, The Babel Arabic site, Hindi Script Tutor, Klingon Language Institute, Pitman Shorthand, Friends of Tuva

Dictionary.com; Look up:

Webapps I should check out some time: